Sunday, July 16, 2017


I love Menace. It's a great shoot 'em up and one of the few Psygnosis games I like but what's up with that YELLOW ship which I (we?) have always hated? Well, I began to wonder if it was possible to change it back into white... So I contacted Atari ST wizard Peter Putnik and he later came back with a solution that works rather well.

As you can see, the horrendous yellow has all but been replaced with a new coat of colour. The only caveat is the effect on the status panel due to their 16-colour palette but this isn't something which I'll lose any sleep over! Of course, the game itself remains exactly the same but without that awful yellow ship. All credit to Peter for taking on my request - I'm sure he loves my challenges!! This is now the only version I shall ever play from now on.


 - White Menace can be downloaded from his website and is also hard drive installable.
 - Stonish has floppy disks of the original on various Menu CDs and Old Games Finder has Automation #46.